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the road, or across the pastures, and go "cooning" watermelons.

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"Mr. Farney said you didn't wish to be disturbed, sir."

the road, or across the pastures, and go

"Very good of him. Give me my hat and coat."

the road, or across the pastures, and go

"Tell Mr. Farney to come and see me tomorrow at noon, about my speech for the general meeting."

the road, or across the pastures, and go

At his tortoise gait he passed between the office stools to the door, opened it feebly, and slowly vanished.

Shutting the door behind him, a clerk said:

"Poor old chairman! He's on his last!"

"Gosh! He's a tough old hulk. He'll go down fightin'."

Issuing from the offices of "The Island Navigation Company," Sylvanus Heythorp moved towards the corner whence he always took tram to Sefton Park. The crowded street had all that prosperous air of catching or missing something which characterises the town where London and New York and Dublin meet. Old Heythorp had to cross to the far side, and he sallied forth without regard to traffic. That snail-like passage had in it a touch of the sublime; the old man seemed saying: "Knock me down and be d---d to you--I'm not going to hurry." His life was saved perhaps ten times a day by the British character at large, compounded of phlegm and a liking to take something under its protection. The tram conductors on that line were especially used to him, never failing to catch him under the arms and heave him like a sack of coals, while with trembling hands he pulled hard at the rail and strap.