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a leading light of local so-called "black society." I saw

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And Ashurst thought: 'You are a pretty thing!'

a leading light of local so-called

"He said, too, that Joe was a Saxon type. What would that be?"

a leading light of local so-called

"Which is Joe? With the blue eyes and red face?"

a leading light of local so-called

"Well, he meant that Joe was like the men who came over to England about fourteen hundred years ago, and conquered it."

"Oh! I know about them; but is he?"

"Garton's crazy about that sort of thing; but I must say Joe does look a bit Early Saxon."

That "Yes" tickled Ashurst. It was so crisp and graceful, so conclusive, and politely acquiescent in what was evidently. Greek to her.

"He said that all the other boys were regular gipsies. He should not have said that. My aunt laughed, but she didn't like it, of course, and my cousins were angry. Uncle was a farmer--farmers are not gipsies. It is wrong to hurt people."