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what's wrong?"I shook her hand, and said, "Nothing, Mrs.

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"It's fond of you already. Ah I Megan, everything is fond of you."

what's wrong?

"What was Joe saying to you, please?"

what's wrong?

"Telling me to go away, because you didn't want me here."

what's wrong?

She stamped her foot; then looked up at Ashurst. At that adoring look he felt his nerves quiver, just as if he had seen a moth scorching its wings.

"To-night!" he said. "Don't forget!"

"No." And smothering her face against the puppy's little fat, brown body, she slipped back into the house.

Ashurst wandered down the lane. At the gate of the wild meadow he came on the lame man and his cows.

"Ah! 'Tes brave weather for the grass. The ashes be later than th' oaks this year. 'When th' oak before th' ash---'"