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messenger. "I'm with an old family" was theeuphemism used

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Her quick, straight handshake tightened suddenly, and as suddenly became slack.


Ashurst stood motionless in the empty sitting-room. Only last night, under the apple tree and the living blossom, he had held Megan to him, kissing her eyes and lips. And he gasped, swept by that rush of remembrance. To-night it should have begun-his life with her who only wanted to be with him! And now, twenty-four hours and more must pass, because-of not looking at his watch! Why had he made friends with this family of innocents just when he was saying good-bye to innocence, and all the rest of it? 'But I mean to marry her,' he thought; 'I told her so!'


He took a candle, lighted it, and went to his bedroom, which was next to Halliday's. His friend's voice called, as he was passing:


"Is that you, old chap? I say, come in."

He was sitting up in bed, smoking a pipe and reading.

Ashurst sat down by the open window.

"I've been thinking about this afternoon, you know," said Halliday rather suddenly. "They say you go through all your past. I didn't. I suppose I wasn't far enough gone."

Halliday was silent for a little, then said quietly